Schwa Love (schwa242) wrote in how_to_draw,
Schwa Love

Photoshop Painting Techniques

These three tutorial videos are long, silent, and take quite some time to download, but hoo boy... if you are into painting images from scratch in Photoshop, they are well worth the wait. It's best to right-click on the "Download it Now!" links and save the files to your hard drive, rather than try and watch them in your browser, which will probably just gobble up system resources and lock things up, unless your system is pristine, flawless, and error-free, like most computers are.
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Long live the Mac! Pristine, Flawless and Error-Free.

Truth be told, the only thing that's ever crashed on my iBook was was a Microsoft product.
Long live the Mac! Pristine, Flawless and Error-Free.

Uh-huh... until the next iteration of Tiger is released and once again half of the third-party software publishers have to scramble to write updates.